Your response will help me to define the initial direction of your new website based on a clear understanding of your vision, type of business and requirements.

Client input is the foundation upon which successful identities are built. This questionnaire will help you articulate
the overall goals of your project. Please feel free to give as much or as little information as you see fit, but keep in mind that the more you offer up front, the less Q&A is required, and the smoother your project will go.

Webdesign Questionnaire...

Services Required

What type of functionality would you like to see?

How many pages do you anticipate your website will have?

If you require an E-commerce store, how many products do you have to list?

Are you going to be accepting credit cards?

If accepting credit cards, do you currently have a merchant account?

Do you already have image/graphic content for your web site?

Do you need assistance optimising your images?

Will this be a new website design or redesign of your existing website?

Do you have text content ready for your web site?

Will you require a new Domain name set up?

What is the core purpose of your Web Site? Check all those that apply.

Do you have any marketing materials that we should incorporate into our design?

Do you require 247 to set up Google Analytics and register your website with search engines?